be encouraging, not discouraging

People may think you are an encourager in your “expertise”. I perticularly disagree.

I had/have my share of coaches and mentors with different leadership skills, different ways of encouragement, and different ways of being upfront with me and other people for appox. 17 years. Yes, 17 years and counting. And yes, 17 years of different styles. Different coaches and mentors. [very frustrating I might say, but rewarding at the same time

Being coached and mentored by so many styles in sports, dance, businesses, organizations, and by my own family, I see what I can work with and not.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t just run away from a leadership style [that i really dislike] even if that particular “leader" is very discouraging towards me (intentionally or not). I learned to press on and be my own encouraging system.

In tennis, if you are playing as a single player, you only have yourself to encourage in the court, because you have no one to talk to. No one to tell you, keep going, you’re doing great, keep away from the dead man zone, serve higher, etc… [side note: I like playing single games]

I understand you have your ways, but you have to adapt to other peoples feelings or their ways of accepting encouragement. Dealing with people means dealing with their own ways, their own standards, their own ways in learning, especially learning to something that they are trying their best.

If you are going to call out someone in not a loving way, complaining about what they did for others [not very appreciating of their hard work], assuming something negative about that person, pressuring someone to be on time, not knowing what their situation is, then I don’t understand why you are in the leadership role. 

Sorry, not sorry.

If you keep telling me, “you didn’t want this role in the first place" , then I’m discourage to follow you [I want to follow a strong leader, not a cocky leader], but I encourage you that you will be a great at it. I should had held my tongue on that. BUT that’s not the right thing to do.  We must encourage one another, because we don’t know the full potential of any individual, if you don’t give them a chance. A chance of hope, a chance for growth, and a chance of understanding who you are, what God wants you to be.

Look, I don’t care if you discourage me or never give me a chance in my “expertise” to share or learn more (grow), because I have other ways to learn or share my “expertise”. Because I’m not letting you to hold me back. Even though you say, “You want growth from us, you will help…" I call B.S.  BUT the moment you discourage my friend, I really really dislike that. My friend does not deserve your comment of discouragement. 

None of my friends should receive any discouragement at all. NONE! especially from you! 

I ask to talk to you on a one-n-one basis to iron this tension between us, but it looks like I have to wait for a response. That’s okay. Like I said, I don’t care if you discourage me. I careless now. I stopped caring from that moment you send that comment you express to me. I just pray for you everyday, that’s all I can do. I pray that we can iron this out.

Just please don’t discourage my friends. It’s not looking good for you. I don’t know if I should call you a friend, because we barely talked. I don’t know what’s going on with you and vice versa. All we say to each other is “Hey” and a common basic question [singular]. That’s all.

Any ways, I’m done venting. 

God’s NOT Dead!!

I must say the movie God’s NOT dead is the best Christian movie I’ve seen this year.

The reality of the content is so true and real. It’s so hard to stand up about your faith with your family and non-believers, especially if you’re in your college years.

I teared up in one scene. It was that real!

There were so many good quotes, I can’t remember them all. Here are some that I can recall:

  • "Some of the most important work we do seems meaningless."
  • "True Friends Always Point You To Jesus"
  • "I think of Jesus as my friend…I don’t want to disappoint Him."
  • "To the wrong person you will never have any worth.  To the right person you will mean everything."
  • "People From Other Cultures Pay A Far Bigger Price To Follow Christ Than Americans"
  • "How can you hate someone (God) who is dead?"
  • "Sometimes the devil allows people to live free of trouble so they don’t need God."
  • "Don’t be clever.  Be content to tell the truth."
  • "My life and my whole eternity belongs to God.  All this stuff is temporary.  Money, fame, success…temporary.  Even life is temporary.  Jesus…that’s eternal."

I <3 my Brotha from another motha

Real Talk!