God’s NOT Dead!!

I must say the movie God’s NOT dead is the best Christian movie I’ve seen this year.

The reality of the content is so true and real. It’s so hard to stand up about your faith with your family and non-believers, especially if you’re in your college years.

I teared up in one scene. It was that real!

There were so many good quotes, I can’t remember them all. Here are some that I can recall:

  • "Some of the most important work we do seems meaningless."
  • "True Friends Always Point You To Jesus"
  • "I think of Jesus as my friend…I don’t want to disappoint Him."
  • "To the wrong person you will never have any worth.  To the right person you will mean everything."
  • "People From Other Cultures Pay A Far Bigger Price To Follow Christ Than Americans"
  • "How can you hate someone (God) who is dead?"
  • "Sometimes the devil allows people to live free of trouble so they don’t need God."
  • "Don’t be clever.  Be content to tell the truth."
  • "My life and my whole eternity belongs to God.  All this stuff is temporary.  Money, fame, success…temporary.  Even life is temporary.  Jesus…that’s eternal."

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