Oh, Christian!

I adore Christian, my little brother. In the past I underestimated him in so many ways. He is annoying, a suck-up, a weak sauce, cry baby, and other little brother traits that you can think of.

Some how, just some how I love the kid. I don’t hate him or any thing. I accept the way he is. Even though I don’t show my affection towards him. I care for him deeply. He and my other brother will always be my top top priority. I will protect them, I want the best for them, and I WILL make sure that they live life to the fullest.

Today, he made me smile and definitely made my day. This is why I’m writing this post. I don’t want to lose this feeling. I told Christian something and usually, we move on to our own activities. BUT, he sensed my sad tone and asked if everything is okay. I said, “Everything is just fine”, then this fool pulled out his itouch and said, “put your finger in the screen.”

It’s an app where it can tell you your emotions. Well, my result came up as sad. It read, something about giving that person a hug. If you know Christian, this fool loves to hug a lot. So he came towards me and forcing me to hug. He didn’t let go, as much as I tried to get away. He kept hugging. Then he got me to test again. My result came up sad again. Haha… Repeat.

The third time, I got the result of angry. It was right, I was getting angry of all this force hugging. But he pulled a chair and asked, “tin, why are you angry?” I replied, “because of you!!!” then we both laughed.

He is special to me. I love him. I hope he doesn’t change. I don’t mind people making fun of him. It will make him stronger and he knows how to stand up for himself. I would only step in, if someone emotionally or physically hurt him. Luckily, he is doing a great job being strong and standing up for himself. I’m proud of him and being his sister.

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  1. maryshaffer answered: that is so sweet! you guys are awesome :D
  2. brokentobewholeagain answered: awww. what a sweet brother to my favorite ate tin! hope you’re feeling better now <3 God Bless Youuuu..
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